Points Information

Thanks for checking out our points information page. Here you can learn all about our points system: what they're about, how to earn and use them.

What are the points all about?

As a way to engage our members, we like to offer and reward points for using and contributing to our growing community.

You can't directly use or spend points right now (we are working on this though however), rather we hold competitions, promotions and give-aways and will use the points as a basis for dishing out the goods.

They are also used on our leaderboards and across our comments, so you can interact with other members and see how you compare.

How to earn points

First off, points are only available to out members. Membership is 100% free, so click here to sign up right now! Once again: it's FREE :)

There are a number of ways you can earn points across this site.

We are always working on new and fun ways to earn points, but right now, check out the different ways available to you.

Site Scrollin' (1 point)

Just by using the site you earn points. Specifically, when you scroll down the pages across the site you earn points. Why? We like to encourage our members to explore all area's of the site, especially the bargains other members have worked tirelessly to submit for your benefit. Because of this, we want to encourage and reward members for their adventurous spirit!

Bargain Voter (1 point)

When you vote on bargains, you not only earn points, but you share your thoughts on that bargain with fellow members. You think it's a shoddy bargain? Vote it down. You think it rocks? Vote it up! It's as simple as that, and by doing so earns you points and respect as a Bargain Hunter.

Bargain Contributor (500 points)

We strongly encourage all our members to submit bargains they find to our community. It's what makes our whole network function! We award massive points to any member who submits a bargain that gets approved by our review committee. Then you can earn even more points if the wider community agrees that it is a sweet bargain!

Bargain Props (100 points)

When a bargain you submit to the community gets an upvote, we pass on the love to you, as a big thank-you for contributing to the community. If you really love your bargain, share it around and ask for up-votes! It shares the love, and gives you mad points :)

Bargain is Trending (1,000 points)

When enough of our community members vote on a bargain you submit, and it's good enough to hit the trending page, that means you found a nice one! We love it when that happens, so pass along a healthy-sized points reward your way for making that happen.

Bargain is HOT (10,000 points)

If you submit a bargain and our community up-votes it so hard, that it flys through our trending page to the HOT page, well then you have truely found a stellar bargain! We give top-points for finding a gem like this, and if you are lucky enough to find one of these, CONGRATULATIONS!!!